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So many people out there, like you and me, feel as though they must pick two out of three:

  • doing what they love and are talented at

  • doing what they think Jesus requires of them to be a "good Christian"

  • doing what makes money to provide for their family

Either make money so you can go on mission trips, make money so you can support the hobby that you love or make no money doing what you love and serving overseas.

Millions of people are okay with that! I get it - it's safe, it's normal, it's reliable.

But for the few of you who want to live vibrant lives for the Gospel - keep reading!

I believe that the home should act as a hub for missions, much like the Church - raising, training, and instilling purpose but ultimately, sending out! And when we send out, we can send them out into communities, equipped with their unique talents, opportunities and dreams! A beautiful concoction of passion, missions and vocation.



If you're like me, some days you may wake up unsure of your direction in life which sure makes drinking your Sunny Delight a little less sunny. ARROWS will walk you through:

1. Understanding a missional lifestyle
2. Bringing you back to the foundation of missions
3. Opening your eyes to the incredible, treasure troves of opportunity hidden in the home
4. And exploring the concept of Missional Lifestyle Design

To capitalize on this new knowledge, I have provided you with a free 20+ page STORY ARC Guide which will lead you, step-by-step, in designing the missional lifestyle that suits you allowing you to live a vibrant life for Christ!

These FREE guides will help you:

  • de-clutter your life and mind for a bit of clarity

  • rejuvenate your spiritual life

  • find meaning & direction in God

  • do that interesting thing you're always day-dreaming about

  • enjoy the passions and talents God has given you

  • pursue your dreams



If you like the idea of average, by all means, don’t do anything. It’s not for everyone. In fact, it’s probably not for a majority of people. It requires hard work, focus and determination.

But the reward is worth every mile.

Ready... Go!



Don't waste that subway ride or that lunch break by twiddling your thumbs! You can download a copy of ARROWS to your Kindle or your smartphone (via the App).



Important Notice: I am partnering with a friend of mine in Ireland to help fund cancer research.

All profit from ARROWS is being donated to the Irish Cancer Society.